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  Welcome at S&W Training with the program
„German & Germany for international Executives“
  • Individual German intensive Training for critical clients in leading position with limited time › Corporate Customers
  • Tailor-made German immersion courses, flexible in the schedule, at weekends, tailored to your learning style and time schedule › Clients about S&W
  • Professional and experienced trainers - for German Immersion Courses as well as cross-cultural trainings about „Germany and the Germans“ › Our Team
  • On request tailor-made training in Business German or Scientific German in your specific business field (for instance German for Financial Managers, for lawyers, for Human Resources, for the car industry etc.) through highly qualified business trainers › Business German
  • Cross-Cultural Training designed to prepare international managers for “Germany and the Germans” – also in combination with a German language training › Cross-Cultural Training
  • High effectiveness with trainers who individually attend to you and accompany you for lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere › People at S&W
  • Beautiful medieval town Meersburg on Lake Constance › Meersburg
  • Fantastic landscape in the triangle Germany, Switzerland and Austria – with many leisure activities
    Meersburg and the region
  • Accommodation in beautiful private villas or very good hotels › Accomodation
  Intercultural Training Germany and preparation seminar for your job abroad
  We have been training international executives in various functions for their assignment in Germany or a German-speaking environment since 1988:
  • Programmes designed to provide international managers with the required knowledge and tools to develop cross-cultural awareness
  • German business culture and practices, German negotiation style and communication skills, presentation skills, multicultural teambuilding
  • We also take care of the accompanying spouse or family.

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