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  Derek Marshall
Vice President
“Learning through laughter!
Tailored to my needs!
A great learning experience!
Gave me great confidence to start speaking.”
  Ian Robertson
BMW AG - Mitglied des Vorstands
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars – Chairman of the Board
“A good experience from the learning perspective. It presents a foundation to develop further and hopefully return for a 2nd week – in the not too distant future.”
  Zac Hollis
Head of Planning
Skoda UK
“This week has given my German another boost and has been invaluable in helping me prepare for the challenges presented by working in a foreign language. The balance between everyday language and the world of business was just right.”
  Kirsten Steer
Head of Talent Management
“I spent a week in May 2010 with S&W Training improving my German.
The course is intensive, and really does focus on the areas in which you need to improve. I would strongly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their spoken / written German or who is taking up a position in Germany and needs the language.”
  Wayne Jones
Member of the Executive Board
„The entire staff have a great passion for teaching. Great fun with a huge amount of information.
  Paul Sansom
Sales Director
Audi UK
„I would recommend S&W Training wholeheartedly. They make you feel very welcome and relaxed. The environment in which to learn is perfect. The teachers are excellent & deliver at a pace that is suitable for your specific needs. The materials & teaching methods will accelerate your knowledge.“
  Paul Willis
Volkswagen UK
„Superb balance during the course! Theory, practise, and immersion. Also a chance to experience German culture.”
  Chris Gray
Application Technology Wetend
“The course was better than I anticipated – not only in terms of improving my German level, but also I enjoyed the whole week and had some fun – especially in the Vinothek.”
  Jill Lees
E.on Engineering
Head of Project Development
“Excellent tailored programme that exceeded my expectations.”
  Mark Dixon
HR Director UK
“A very thorough approach to commencing the development of a new language through real competence. I can absolutely recommend S&W Training to you. A pleasure!”
  Michael White
Leiter Konzern-Produktionsstrategie
Volkswagen AG
“A most enjoyable language training school with very professional and friendly trainers.
The training is designed to suit the individual and the step by step process with check / action assures each individual’s targets are achieved.
For the first time in 15 months I now understand the basics of the German language and also the cultural elements to help me forward in my career and life in Germany.”

Simon Thomas
Head of Marketing
Volkswagen Groups
„You gave me all the tools and showed me how to use them. Now it’s up to me!
Thank you for your patience and perseverance!”

  Andrew Harvey
Head of Financial Accounting
“This intensive course provides 3 key elements:
- reality check
- how to set priorities
- application for the future.
I would recommend S&W Training to anyone who is serious about learning the German language.”
  Chris Bebbington
Vice President
E.on Energie
“Very well structured materials and tuition based around the individual’s needs.
Emphasis on understanding and learning the German language and not just learning ad hoc phrases ‘parrot fashion’.
Excellent basis for effective communication.”
  David Revitt
Corporate NEM + BCM Manager
“An enjoyable, challenging and rewarding week. Materials were provided in a very supportive learning environment, tailored to the needs of the individual. Superb!”
  Andrew Jordan
Head of HR UK
“Starting from scratch is very daunting but the friendly and flexible style of S&W Training makes learning German possible. Thank you very much!”
  Matthew Pickard
Head of Cereals, Central Europe
“I highly recommend S&W Training for a rapid increase in German language ability. The staff were very professional, tailoring the course exactly to my needs and pushing me to absorb, practise and test myself. It has given me the confidence to start my new role using German in the workplace – exactly what I wanted to achieve.”
  Christine Jones
“Despite having made more progress than I thought possible this week, my German vocabulary does not do justice to this professional and charming team who have created an empathetic and challenging atmosphere in which to learn to speak German in the delightful town of Meersburg.”
  Mike Partrick
Vice President
E.on AG
“S&W Training effectively brought back what I thought I had forgotten from school learning German decades ago – and put in it a positive approach to learning.”
  David Waller
Ich bin freiwillig eingedeutscht worden ...”
  John A. Craven
Deutsche Bank AG
Mitglied des Vorstands
“Dear Niels,
as I am sure was apparent while I was in Meersburg, I found the atmosphere both stimulating and enjoyable and was delighted to find that you were able to produce experts to teach me not only the German language, but also to cover such disparate subjects as German history, politics and economics.
I certainly intend to return to Meersburg for a weekend refresher in due course and you can be sure that I have given a glowing recommendation to the Personnel Director of Deutsche Bank.”
  Graeme Grieve
Bereichsleiter Importeurmärkte
“A very useful and compressed learning experience in a good learning environment.”
  Carolyn Austin
Process Manager
“I have had a fantastic two weeks in Meersburg. I have learned more than I thought was possible and have actually enjoyed grammar! Both the hosts I had and the school were very helpful with living arrangements and the logistics of getting to Meersburg, and the location offered many opportunities to see a stunning part of Germany. The use of the room and facilities within the school at any time was particularly helpful. I would willingly study here again and think the results are well worth the work.”
  Paul Wilkinson
Maus Frères SA
Chief Financial Officer
“I learnt a lot. Surprising thing: it was always stimulating and interesting too.”
  Peter Harris
Group Marketing Communication
Volkswagen Group
„After 10 years of living in Germany, I have finally come to grips with the German language.
Excellent location and environment for learning.
Thanks to S&W Training!”
  Damien Doyle
“Ich habe viel Deutsch gelernt. Ich freue mich auf das nächste Mal. Ich bin schon vier Mal hierher gekommen. Und ich komme wieder, weil der Kurs wunderbar ist.“
  Rebecca Middleton
Corporate Communications
E.on AG
“Overall, I have had an excellent week. I just wish I had more time!
The teachers and materials have all been excellent and made the course fun as well as extremely meaningful.
At S&W Training, they have adapted to my needs – and this flexibility has been appreciated.
Thank you!”
  Stephen Egli
Senior Consultant
Newton Industrial Consultants
„If you want an intensive total immersion course, this is perfect!”
  John Young
Chairman of the Management Board
Atlas Elektronik
“We all have different learning needs and we all respond to different methods of teaching. For me, the approach of S&W works extremely well; based on a good ‘feeling’ for my capabilities and needs, the S&W team have clearly demonstrated (over a number of separate weeks tuition) their ability to put together a programme which recognized my level of competence.”
  Louise Shaw
Systems and Standards Manager
“The pace and style of the teaching was adapted perfectly to my needs. Just what I needed.”
  Irvin Bamford
“S&W Training is for those who are serious about extending their skill in German and extending their knowledge of German culture and society. Teaching staff are all very capable, knowledgeable and interesting people. It is important for those attending S&W to be very clear about their needs and objectives. After that S&W will take over and make all the arrangements, including excellent accommodation, for an excellent learning experience.”

Christian Georgeson
Head of Consumer Launch & Lifecycle Management
“The course not only provided the materials, stimulus, and teaching approaches that certainly helped ‘raise the bar’ on my language skills. It was delivered in a friendly (almost family like) environment.”


Peter Wyhinny
Volkswagen UK
Direktor Nutzfahrzeuge
“Everyone was really friendly and flexible and engaged in my style of learning. So we had great fun. You were all so generous with your stars (well deserved of course!). I had to charter a Zeppelin to take them all home! Many thanks, hope to see you all again.”


Raj Zala
International Counsel
Lafarge Roofing
“Overall the experience at S&W removed or broke down a number of mental blocks about learning German and inspired me to continue learning .”

  Oliver Larkin
Volkswagen AG
Investor Relations Manager
“This one week immersion in German has given me the confidence to switch English ‘off’ in the office and insist on using German only. By the end of each day my head was full but I had achieved 7 hours of non-stop German. Wow!
It is a real pleasure to learn with such a friendly team. Don’t be afraid of coming to Germany, come here and enjoy yourself!”
  Jonathan Bourne
Executive Director
“I really enjoyed my one week intensive course with S&W Training. It was early summer and Meersburg and Lake Constance were looking particularly beautiful. Anka met me from the train on Sunday afternoon and it was non-stop German from then on. The accommodation was well-chosen and very friendly. Anka and Niels followed my pre-determined course requirements exactly. It was also a pleasure meeting my fellow students and a dinner at Mainau amongst the rose gardens with one of the tutors and a fellow student stands out in my memory. All-in-all an experience to be repeated.“
  Steven Morten
“Anka and Niels:
If all schools were like yours, half the population would still be there, willingly, at 35 years of age! I can honestly say it has been a pleasure learning from you.”
  Jeremy Godwin
Senior Technical Specialist
Syngenta AG
“I found S&W’s approach to be first-class and without doubt the best language training that I have experienced. The total immersion approach is very effective although I would encourage others to at least have a little knowledge of German prior to starting at S&W. However, the real strength of S&W is the quality and commitment of their team members – absolutely outstanding!”
  Martin Hainge
Sales Director
BMW Motorsport
“Dear Anka and Niels,
To find such a friendly team of people who can teach the German language in such a good humoured and professional way in such superb surrounding is very rare indeed.”
  Varsha Zala
“Thank you very much! I didn’t think that I would enjoy learning German so much! “
  Julian Steele
Deutsche Bank Capital Markets
“Thank you for all your patient and helpful advice in tackling the German language. It was extremely enjoyable and I think that I will need at least three weeks more next summer.
Sincerest thanks to all at S&W Training!”
  Gordon Anderson
General Manager
Commerzbank UK
„Yet again, I must resort to English to express my thanks and appreciation for the excellent work put in by all at S&W Training. Your perseverance to pump in much grammar and vocabulary has been very impressive Your patience and efforts to extract some German from me has been even greater – and quite successful.
The threat for you is:
I am sure I shall be back
Many thanks!“
  Ian Salisbury
Lean Manufacturing
„Vielen Dank für fantastische vier Wochen!
Ich komme wieder.“
  Alison Nichol Doherty
“I can recommend S&W Training highly. The teaching is professional and of a high standard but also fun (yes, German can be fun to learn). I came with my 2 young children and we all made good progress. The best German course that I have attended.”