Team Training – German Language Courses in Small Groups  
  In our Small Group Courses German with 3-4 participants, methods of instruction as well as course materials are designed to meet our high standards of quality and our conceptual program to integrate German language, German business, and German culture within the framework of a single German Language Course.  

Target Group:

  Communicative learners of the German language who are able to accommodate their time schedule to a set course date.  
  Our Offer:  
  A time-tested course format for these four small group courses German in Germany with different participant profiles:  
  • General German Communication Skills I
    (for beginners – A1)
  • General German Communication Skills II
    (little previous knowledge of German - A2)
  • German Business Communication I
    (good previous knowledge of German – B1)
  • German Business Communication II
    (excellent previous knowledge of German – B2)
  If you are interested in a Small Group Course German, we ask you to please complete our Needs Analysis form and send it to us.  
  Each of the Small Group Courses German in Germany above is made up of 25 lessons per week (Monday – Friday mornings).

  You can combine your Small Group Course German with individual lessons German or Business German in the afternoon, should you so desire.  
  More information about Team Training as PDF  
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