Learning German in Germany  
  Our Guidelines – your Added Value  
  • It is our goal to help our clients to attain competency in conducting business in German in German-speaking surroundings in the shortest possible time.
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  • In our programme Intensive German in Germany for international Executives instruction will be tailored to your personal needs – based on your own Needs Analysis and on customized and professional course contents and course materials.
  • All of our efforts are oriented to the wishes, needs, and abilities of our clients who want to learn German in Germany. Being client-oriented is not a mere motto at S&W Training in Meersburg on Lake Constance, rather it forms the core of our corporate culture.
  • A continuous improvement process and an intensive feedback culture guarantee the highest possible standards of our programme Intensive German in Germany for international Executives’. This is one of the reasons why we have so many loyal blue-chip corporate customers.
  • We are your highly professional, fair, non-bureaucratic and friendly business partners. What you get at S&W Training is simply the best of German Immersion you can find..
  • We do not only offer you excellent training „Learning German in Germany“ and „Germany and the Germans“, but also an outstanding and motivating learning environment in beautiful old Meersburg on Lake Constance with its fantastic environment:
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Learning German in Germany
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