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German and Germany for International Executives.

If communication in German or with German-speaking colleagues, customers, or friends is relevant for you, S&W is certainly your ideal ideal partner.
Since 1988 we have been successfully supporting business executives, top scientists, and diplomats for professional interaction in a German-speaking environment.

Our global reputation is mainly based on the outstanding quality of our German language courses for General German, Business German, or Scientific German as well as our cross-cultural seminars about Germany and the Germans.
It is up to you where we work for you. Unless you have other preferences we are happy to welcome you for an intensive German language course in beautiful old Meersburg on Lake Constance where we can offer you the perfect learning environment.

Our most popular courses at a glance:

Top Executive Training

Top Executive Training

This intensive course German is the flagship in our program.

The Top Executive version of our program ‘German for international Executives’ combines the well-known high standards of ‘Executive Training’ with a large variety of extras for those clients who have especially high expectations. On top of a first-class German language course they expect perfect service – and the S&W Team does everything in its power to achieve this level of perfection. Those who are used to VIP treatment – with competence and with a smile – will not be disappointed by Top Executive Training German language training.

Executive Training

Executive Training German language coaching is our best-selling program.

Executive courses ‘German for international Executives’ stand for the development and permanent improvement of our customized one-to-one German language courses. In more than 30 years on the market now and after having worked with some 5,000 clients, our German language crash courses have clearly proven their effectiveness. Above all, it is this concept which has made S&W Training’s intensive courses ‘German for international Executives’ the first choice of many German and international blue-chip companies.

Culture Management

This cross-cultural program is designed to guarantee your success as an expatriate in Germany.

You can book Culture Management seminars separately for one or two days – or you can combine cross-cultural modules with our language program ‘German for International Executives’. Since we started S&W Training in 1988, we have been focused on teaching German business and management culture separately or in combination with our German language crash courses.

Some Testimonials

“Der interessanteste Sprachkurs, an dem ich je teilgenommen habe – die behandelten Themen, die Erfahrungen der Trainer: unbezahlbar!”

“Il corso di lingua più interessante che abbia mai frequentato – gli argomenti trattati, l’esperienza e il professionalismo degli insegnanti: impagabili!” Anna Spinelli

Bereichsleiterin Einkauf, BMW

“Der Kurs selbst, die Materialien und die Trainer waren durchweg ausgezeichnet. Ich fühlte mich gleichzeitig gefordert und ermutigt. Ich empfehle S&W aufs Wärmste. Die Investition meiner Zeit hat sich klar gelohnt.“

“The course, materials, and staff were all excellent. I felt challenged, and at the same time, encouraged. I would highly recommend S&W. It was well worth the investment of my time.” Annmarie Higgins

Vice President, Human Resources, BMW AG

„A escola de linguas S&W Training em Meersburg combina a alta qualidade dos métodos
de ensino com a tranquilidade e a beleza co Bodensee (Lago Costança).
Ideal para curso intensivo de alemão.“ Antonio Píres

Werksleiter / Plant Manager, VW Autoeuropa

„Ein sehr guter Kurs! Am meisten schätzte ich die Flexibilität, die Kompetenz und die Serviceeinrichtungen. Wirklich gut!“

„Mycket bra kurs! Mest uppskattade jag flexibiliteten, kompetensen och service-inriktningen.
Verkligen bra!“ Professor Bill S. Hansson

Vizepräsident, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

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