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German and Germany for International Executives.

We are your ideal partner if you want to act and communicate successfully in a German-speaking environment, and therefore wish to learn the German language or to improve your German language skills. We offer you

  • the experience of more than thirty years of successful work with top clients from all over the world,
  • the individuality of one-to-one coaching – online or face-to-face,
  • the efficiency of methods which we developed specifically for our target group.

What makes us unique on the market is our outstanding business competence (Niels von Eisenhart Rothe). With our support you will better understand peculiarities oft he German business culture, and you’ll be able to avoid mistakes based on cultural differences.

Business German

German Business Culture

You let us know in which situations you wish to use your German language skills (socializing, giving business presentations in German, discussions with colleagues or customers, …)

We offer our support so you can reach your goals in a most efficient way.

As far as methods and organization are concerned, we don’t believe in the one best way for everybody, but in individuality and diversity.

We guarantee you a programme which is customized to your personal needs and individual learning style.

In order to make all this possible in a setting which is best for you, we offer you

  • face-to-face German language instruction in beautiful Meersburg on Lake Constance or at a location of your choice. Face-to-Face German
  • Online-German-Coaching modules which are tailormade for your individual situation.  Online-Training German

You can, of course, also combine face-to-face-tuition with online modules.

Some Testimonials

more Testimonials …

“What a surprise! I would never have thought that the training would help as much as it has, and the location is something special. I’ll be returning for more courses as soon as possible.”

Mark Fairbourn

Head of Online Marketing Strategy, Bayer Schering Pharma AG

“S&W Training in Meersburg provides a perfect setting to learn the German language in a beautiful yet challenging environment.“

Barry O’Connell

General Manager Austria and Slovenia, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria

„Niels and his team run a superb adult learning program designed for success. I made more progress than I thought possible and would highly recommend S&W.“

Elizabeth O’Donnell

Head Global HR Pharma/ Diagnostics IT, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd United Kingdom

„This approach to learning German is better than anything else I’ve tried. Niels and his team have created great material that is comprehensive to support everyone to learn the German language,

I have tried several times to ‘kick start’ my German language training, but after this intensive German course at S&W Training it is the first time I truly believe I will be able to learn German for both personal and business use.

Highly recommended!”

Danielle Fallis

North America Compliance Process Management, Audi AG

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