What accommodation does Meersburg offer?  

You normally stay at hotels while travelling. Why don’t you try for a change one of “our” beautiful private apartments when you are in Meersburg? You’ll not only enjoy the high quality standard you are used to, but also a fantastic view onto Lake Constance and the opportunity of communicating in German .- if you wish to.
Please have a look at the following private homes:


If you prefer to stay at a hotel this isn't a problem: here are a few links to hotels we can recommend. They are all in walking distance to S&W Training.


You can, of course, book your hotel room yourself but we'll be happy to do that for you as we have agreed on special prices.

  In order to get an overview of all accommodation facilities in Meersburg, please visit
Gastgeberverzeichnis der Stadt Meersburg and click on „Gastgeberverzeichnis”