„Business German for international Executives“  
  Since S&W Training was founded in 1988, our work has focussed on Intensive German Language Courses for international executives.
Our team also aims to this target group with their professional competence as well as their personality.
For these and the following reasons, you can be sure that you will feel at the right place with us and be completely happy when you leave at the end of your German Immersion Course – as around 2,500 executives from all over the business world before you. › Clients about S&W
  • Our business and communication trainers work hand in hand with our language trainers so that your German Immersion program is out of one mould and meets your specific needs and expectations..
  • You get the specific Business German vocabulary and phrases you require for your field of activity (for instance German for finance managers, German for lawyers, German for Human Resources, German for the automotive industry, etc.).
  • You may well find other providers of excellent German Language Training. However, you will certainly not find a place where you get better service for the specific Business German needs of business managers who want to get along better and more efficiently in German and with Germans.
  • For your Business German Immersion Course we use specific materials with focus on your professional priorities, but we also work on your own materials if you bring them with you or - even better - if you send them beforehand. We are, of course, absolutely discreet about them.
  • Our long experience and high competence in teaching Business German enable us to provide you with background knowledge about Germany and the Germans, about the German social, business and legal system, or about the German management culture, according to your priorities.
  • We train with you the communication techniques you need for your job (for instance Giving Presentations in German, Negotiating in German, Telephoning in German, Staff dialogues in German, …)
  • We can also prepare you for special job requirements (for instance giving a presentation, negotiating, trade fairs, …) within one or two days or at the weekend. This can take place at S&W Training in Meersburg, at your office, or wherever you want us to work with you.
  For these good reasons has S&W Training been the top address for Business German for more than 20 years now.  
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