Accomodation during your Intensive German Language Course

Your first idea may be to stay in a hotel while you are here in beautiful old Meersburg on Lake Constance for your Crash Course German. And this is, of course, possible as you can see below.

But why don’t you think of staying in a very nice apartment in a German family’s house for a change?

This simply offers you added value for your German Language Learning: You have a very nice place to stay plus you have the opportunity to practice your German Language Skills in a real life surrounding.

Since 1991 most of our clients stayed in the Wodsak family’s house during their Crash Course German. And almost all of them were more than happy.

If, however, you prefer to stay in a hotel, Meersburg offers a variety of hotels – for example:

And if you – like some of our clients – plan to bring your family with you to enjoy the attractions of the Lake Constance region while you study the German Language, Meersburg has many nice holiday apartments to offer.

It is probably the best idea if we discuss your priorities concerning accommodation together. And together we’ll find the perfect solution for you.