Scientific German

At S&W Training we are very happy that among our clients are not only business executives from all over the world but also top scientists from universities and research institutes like the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

And, of course, these scientists can expect the same amount of client-orientation as our clients from business.


  • Scientific German is significantly different from General German. This is especially true for vocabulary – not so much for grammar. As a result of our intense research in Scientific German we understand these differences better than our competitors. Just one example: Only 7 of the most important nouns of Scientific German are also among the ‘Top 30’ of General German. Here too S&W Training strictly follows its principles of relevance and efficiency. This helps our clients to save time and money.
    S&W Research
    • S&W Training has also developed methods which are especially time-efficient for adults with academic background. An example: For many grammar issues we have developed decision trees / flow charts which can replace (sometimes) boring grammar tables. This is just one of our unique selling points. That is why scientists, engineers, and technicians among our clients appreciate this special approach very much.
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  • In your course we’ll use materials which are tailored to your professional profile. In addition and on demand we can work together with you on documents from your own professional life. Absolute discretion is guaranteed.
    S&W Course Materials 
  • Together with you we can practice exactly those communication techniques which you think might be helpful for you:
    Giving Presentations in German, Negotiating in  German, Discussions in German, …

When it comes to time formats, we are very flexible and client-oriented. For example, you can just book a day or two to prepare a special event (a presentation or lecture, …) with our support. This can also be on weekends or public holidays. For this you’ll be welcome here in beautiful old Meersburg on Lake Constance. But we can also come to your office or wherever you wish to work with us.

Taking into account today’s requirements of executive language coaching, we offer our Scientific German Coaching face-to-face as well as online

Please keep in mind:
S&W Training offers unique know-how concerning Scientific German.

S&W Training is permanently investing in linguistic research about Scientific German.