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Many of our clients need German for business – others just want to be able to socialize in German. In our German language courses everybody will get exactly the German language skills which he or she wants and needs

Business German is significantly different from everyday German. Due to our profound business background and our intense research on the subject of the German Business Language, we know these differences better than our competitors do. We understand what you really need to know better than others could.

S&W Research

Niels von Eisenhart Rothe

In our many years of working with managers from around the world and from all industries, S&W Training has developed methods that are particularly time-efficient for our target group and therefore perfectly customised. One example is that we have developed decision-making trees (flow charts) for many subject areas that can replace boring grammar tables. This is only one of many unique features of S&W Training. Engineers, technicians and scientists in particular among our clients greatly value our customer orientation.

Please observe in your own interest:

Virtually every single language school offers ‘Business German’. In most cases, however, ‘Business German’ means that language trainers without any special business qualification will work with you. They are able to translate isolated business vocabulary more or less well for you.

This is generally different at S&W Training – and, as far as we know, only at S&W Training. The reasons are as follows:

  • S&W Training has a unique level of competence on the subject of the German Business Language among its staff.
    Niels von Eisenhart Rothe
  • S&W Training continually invests in linguistic research on the subject of Business German.
    S&W Research

You may be thinking:

“That’s easy to say. Everybody can claim to be top of the market.”

Now please have a look at our clients’ testimonials:

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