Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So you are interested in German language training? Good! German language skills can be very helpful for your professional and / or  social life – especially in Europe.

It‘s even better that you consider learning German with the support of S&W Training. You will hardly find a language school with such a broad experience and know-how in working with international executives -especially when Business German  or Scientific German are concerned.

On top you’ll appreciate the flexibility und Individuality which we at S&W Training are happy to offer you. You can choose between one-to-one, face-to-face German language training and online German training . And you can also combine face-to face German language coaching with online German language coaching according to your individual needs and priorities.

You have some questions before you make your decision? We’ll be happy to answer your questions personally:


For some frequently asked questions you find our answers here already:

For which target group are the services of S&W Training designed?
  • Most of our clients work as managers for German and international companies. They appreciate that from S&W Training they can not only expect excellent coaching for Business German but also important cultural background information.
  • S&W Training does not only offer German for managers. Scientists from German and international universities and research institutions choose S&W Training because we also have outstanding know-how in Scientific German.
  • For lawyers we organize tailormade courses German for Lawyers.
  • This is the common denominator of our clients: They are successful and qualified professionals, business executives, scientists, artists, diplomats, … They have a tight shedule and therefore prefer customized German language training which is as time-efficient as possible.
What makes S&W Training’s German language training so unique?

Very good question! You won’t really know the answer before we have really started to work together. Some first answers you find here already:

Which are the advantages of face-to-face training?
  • Language is an important element of communication – but not the only one. It’s also about body language – gestures and facial expression, feedback and interaction. Taking into account this complexity of communication, nothing can top face-to-face exchange with your personal instructor.
  • Individual face-to-face training German means that the focus is 100% on your individual needs and your personal learning style.
  • Face-to-face training in a professionally equipped course room rather than in your office or your home offers the best possible learning environment: total focus on your learning progress.
  • As we only offer one-to-one courses German, the time-format is entirely up to you. You can book a full course week (or two). You can come for just a weekend or for a refresher course of two or three days. You – and your time-schedule – make the decision.
  • You learn German in a German speaking environment (total immersion).
Which are the technical prerequisites for my face-to-face German language training?
  • Quite simply: You don’t have to bring any technical equipment along with you for your German language course. We have everything you need available for you.
  • A laptop or tablet computer is, of course, always useful. However, these devices are not necessary for your training – and you’ll probably have them with you anyway.
Which are the advantages of online German language training?
  • You avoid additional travel and accomodation costs.
  • You can participate whenever ans wherever you like.
  • Date, duration, and content of your online German lessons are up to you.
  • Online German lessons will never be quite as efficient as face-to-face German. Instead of 100% it will be 100 – x%. But at S&W Training we have the know-how and the commitment to keep this ‚x‘ as small as possible.
Why should I go for a combination of face-to-face and online German language trainig?
  • For some reasons – first of all: because of the high amount of flexibility . You can combine the advantages of both approaches according to your specific needs and priorities.
  • You can use intensive German language courses for your big leaps, and our online German language modules for the smaller steps before or after an intensive German course, or between two crash courses.
Which are the technical prerequisites for my online German language training?
  • It is very important for us that our online-Coaching German is as personal and tailormade as possible. Our approach is ‚low tech – high impact‘.
  • Hardware: You don’t need anything which you haven’t anyway. You can work with your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. A headset may be handy, but it isn’t necessary.
  • Software: We don’t use a specific software. For our video training German we use MS TEAMS. If you don’t want to work with TEAMS we can also use Skype. For our vocabulary training German we use the platform . If you wish so we are happy to invite you for a free test month of our vocabulary training German.
Where do S&W Training’s face-to-face German language courses take place?
  • Most of our intensive courses German take place in our institute in beautiful Meersburg on Lake Constance.

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  • It is not only the excellent learning environment in your German course itself which contributes to your learning progress. Together with the fantastic touristic and cultural options in Meersburg and around Lake Constance you can really expect a perfect experience.

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  • As you see: It is a good decision to come to Meersburg for an intensive German language course. If you prefer, however, we are also prepared to come to a place of your choice. This could also be in your office although we don’t believe that this would be a very good idea. You’ll see: we are flexible and mobile
Which method does S&W Training use for its German language coaching?
What happens before my German language Course with S&W Training?
  • Because our intensive German courses are one-to-one (online as offline), you don’t need to take an evaluation test. We send you our needs analysis before your course begins. This is not a test but a self-assessment of your German language skills. In your needs analysis you can also inform us about your specific needs and expectations.
  • Before an intensive one-to-one German language course we can – if you wish so – prepare your face-to-face training with some of our online modules. For this we can start with some of our online communication, grammar, or vocabulary modules.
Who are my teachers at S&W Training?
  • We don’t like the word ‚teacher‘ very much. The members of our team are your learning partner or language coaches at eye level.
  • All members of our team are, of course, native German speakers. They all have years of experience in the work with international executives.
  • Niels von Eisenhart Rothe, our boss is not only an extremely experienced coach in German for international executives. As an economist he has broad know-how oft he German economy and the German management culture.
Which course materials do you use at S&W Training?
  • As we want to support our clients individually and efficiently in their learning process we use typical text books only occasionally
  • Our own materials have been in a process of continuous improvement for decades already. And we are developing new materials all the time.
  • Our course materials – as our methods are tailormade to meet your individual needs and priorities.
  • For online-Coaching German we send you the relevant course materials via email for your preparation of your online lessons.
How will my learning progress be documented?
  • We produce your learning profile which shows your level of German language skills. This profile will permanently be updates in order to document your learning progress.
  • We use this concept og the learning profile for our face-to-face training German as well as for our online training German.
Can I also take official German language exams at S&W Training?
  • Most of our clients are interested in real-life German language skills – not in formal documents.
  • For those, however, who need official certifictes, we offer systematic preparation for these exams.
What is the S&W approach concerning health and safety of their clients?
  • Online-Coaching is, of course, as safe as possible.
  • But you can be assured: When you come to Meersburg for a face-to-face intensive German language course, we’ll do our very best to protect your health and safety. First of all: Meersburg on Lake Constance is a very safe place – safer than at least 99% of all places on this earth. From the first days of the Corona crisis, our clients‘ health and safety have become even more important for us. All members of our team are, of course, fully vaccinated. As we also offer just one one-to-one course German per date, you avoid the risk of unwelcome contacts during your German language course. Therefore, German language training in our real classroom is almost as safe as in our virtual classroom.