Executive Training German language coaching is our best-selling program.

Executive courses ‘German for international Executives’ stand for the development and permanent improvement of our customized one-to-one German language courses. In more than 30 years on the market now and after having worked with some 5,000 clients, our German language crash courses have clearly proven their effectiveness. Above all, it is this concept which has made S&W Training’s intensive courses ‘German for international Executives’ the first choice of many German and international blue-chip companies.

Our Target Group

Executive Training German language courses are the ideal choice for business executives, and scientists. After having worked with so many clients for so many years, we can now offer you the opportunity to profit from our outstanding experience.

Our offer

You let us know when, where, and for how long you wish to take your Executive Training intensive German language course, and which are your objectives. With our professional competence, we’ll then plan your German language coaching according to your inputs. Together with you, we’ll find the best ways to achieve your objectives.

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