Clients about S&W Training – Klienten über S&W Training

On this page you can read in your native tongue about our clients’ experiences at S&W Training in Meersburg.

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„An excellent, data driven and methodical approach that cuts through to the most components of learning German. I learned 8 months worth of German in 3 days – an excellent investment of time.“

Max Pahlow

Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)

„Niels: a scholar and true gentleman.“

Tom du Plessis

President & CEO, Volkswagen of America

“The course, materials, and staff were all excellent. I felt challenged, and at the same time, encouraged. I would highly recommend S&W. It was well worth the investment of my time.”
Annmarie Higgins

Vice President, Human Resources, BMW AG

“Niels and his team run a superb adult learning program designed for success. I made more progress than I thought possible and would highly recommend S&W.”
Elizabeth O’Donnell

Head Global HR Pharma/ Diagnostics IT, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd United Kingdom

“S&W Training in Meersburg provides a perfect setting to learn the German language in a beautiful yet challenging environment.“
Barry O’Connell

General Manager Austria and Slovenia, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria

“I spent a week with S&W Training improving my German.
The course is intensive, and really does focus on the areas in which you need to improve. I would strongly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their spoken / written German or who is taking up a position in Germany and needs the language.”

Kirsten Steer

Head of Talent Management, E.on

„Dear Niels,

as I am sure was apparent while I was in Meersburg, I found the atmosphere both stimulating and enjoyable and was delighted to find that you were able to produce experts to teach me not only the German language, but also to cover such disparate subjects as German history, politics and economics.

I certainly intend to return to Meersburg for a weekend refresher in due course and you can be sure that I have given a glowing recommendation to the Personnel Director of Deutsche Bank.“

John A. Craven

Mitglied des Vorstands, Deutsche Bank AG

„I only had one week for an intensive course at S&W Training. But this course was excellent, especially the parts where we focused on business German.

I will certainly come back.“

Ian Robertson

Mitglied des Vorstands, BMW Group

“Taking S&W German language training is like taking a ride in a F-1 with a professional driver: It goes incredibly fast but the driver takes you safely through each twist and turn.”
Thomas Loafman

Director of Purchasing, VW Group of America

“S&W Training’s excellent team and methods managed to simplify for me the German language in such a way that I now have a better understanding of how the language works and hopefully soon can also speak more fluently and with confidence.”

Joe Paola

Head of Global Controlling, Paper Chemicals Division, BASF

“The highly qualified S&W team and the first-class course materials made this course a very special experience. What’s more, Meersburg and Lake Constance offer wonderful surroundings. An excellent overall package!”


Rosa María García, Siemens España

„This course really surprised me. I had expected a very good German course. Colleagues had highly recommended S&W Training to me. And these expectations were fully met, if not exceeded.

I was surprised by the high level of expertise in business and management. That suited me very well, but I certainly wouldn’t have expected that from a language school. My compliments!“

Norman Walker

Novartis, Novartis

“What a surprise! I would never have thought that the training would help as much as it has, and the location is something special. I’ll be returning for more courses as soon as possible.”
Mark Fairbourn

Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Head of Online Marketing Strategy

„I would recommend S&W Training wholeheartedly. They make you feel very welcome and relaxed. The environment in which to learn is perfect. The teachers are excellent & deliver at a pace that is suitable for your specific needs. The materials & teaching methods will accelerate your knowledge.“
Paul Sansom

Audi UK, Sales Director

„I have studied foreign languages for over 20 years in a variety of academic settings and with a broad selection of materials.
Nowhere else have I found such a flexible, capable and customer-oriented language training program.
Niels and his staff went far above and beyond my expectations, which were high to begin with. The one-on-one instruction, combined with a cadre of well-trained and flexible instructors, modern techniques and a constantly customized curriculum resulted in a highly efficient investment of scarce time and valuable training funds.”
Andrew P. C.

Major, U.S. Army

“S&W Training takes you back to classroom days, though in a style and approach that makes you so comfortable. The entire infrastructure, the people and the ‘Meersburg’ environment provide a perfect blend for a great learning experience. ‘Kudos’ to you – you make ‘difficult’ things appear so easy and comfortable.”

Piyush Uphadyay

Executive Director Human Resources, Volkswagen India

„This approach to learning German is better than anything else I’ve tried. Niels and his team have created great material that is comprehensive to support everyone to learn the German language,

I have tried several times to ‘kick start’ my German language training, but after this intensive German course at S&W Training it is the first time I truly believe I will be able to learn German for both personal and business use.

Highly recommended!”

Danielle Fallis

North America Compliance Process Management, Audi AG

„My German course at S&W Training in Meersburg was clearly the best language course I have ever attended. Extremely intensive and goal-oriented.

Excellent trainers – excellent materials!

An experience not to be missed.“

Antonio Casù

CEO, Italdesign Giugiaro

„Moving to a new country, assimiliating a new culture and learning a new language is no small task, especially if the language in question happens to be German. Niels and his team couple the beauty of Meersburg with a well constructed systematic course that makes this daunting challenge seem surmountable. It was a tough but highly enjoyable week!

I really enjoyed your wonderful school, the insight into German culture and your analytical approach to teaching a language.The decision trees are great.“

Varia Nikolayenko

Laborleiterin, Bayer

„The three weeks I spent with my wife at S&W Training in Meersburg were a great experience. Meersburg and the Lake Constance region offer an excellent learning atmosphere. While I had a minor problem with my wife learning German significantly faster than I did, my biggest benefit was the insight into the German business system and management culture. It was really an eye opener that was enormously helpful for my start in New York. I plan to invite Anka and Niels to New York for an intercultural training for my American managers.“

John Rolls

CEO, Deutsche Bank North America