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Our Remote Training Modules for the German Language

Our one-to-one German Language Courses are the most time-efficient and at the same time the most cost-efficient way to successfully learning the German language. This is what we believe, and it is also what our clients from all over the business world believe.

However, one-to-one German courses are not always possible. Appointments, budgets, sometimes families, and sometimes even viruses can keep you from booking an Intensive Course German.

For these cases, S&W Training has – in close cooperation with its clients – developed some online learning modules as a second-best solution. And what we have successfully been practicing for years already, has suddenly become the best viable solution for many in times of the Covid 19 pandemic.

With the support of our Remote Training Modules you can continuously improve your German Vocabulary, your German Grammar, and also your German Communication Skills. How much time you want to invest – that’s entirely up to you.

All our clients aim to be able to communicate in German. We support their German Communication Skills with our interactive Video Training using MS Teams, skype, FaceTime, or other tools.

Professional Communication in German inevitably requires German Grammar and German Vocabulary as a foundation.

In order to systematically improve your German Grammar Skills we offer a customized self-study program.

Learning German words is something you can do on your own. However, you can do it much more efficiently with the support of S&W Training’s ‘Words of the Day’ and our web-based German Vocabulary Training.


The Remote Training Modules German in Detail

Communication in German

Online German Language Lessons

According to your individual needs we agree on the topics for your communication lessons. We make appointments for online German Lessons of normally 1 or 2 hours.
Before each appointment we send you materials for your preparation which we then will work on together.

Please click here if you would like to arrange a free online lesson German.

Online German Language Seminars
For the following communication situations we offer compact online Seminars of two half days each: 

  • Discussions in German
  • Giving a Presentation in German
  • Presenting Facts and Figures
  • Staff Meetings
  • Negotiating in German

German Grammar

We’ll send you an email tailored to your previous knowledge. This will contain a package of materials with information and exercises on relevant German Grammar topics.
You work on the exercises whenever you find the time to do so, and then send your solutions back to us.
We’ll then work on your solutions, send you a written feedback, and update your personal performance profile. This shows you in detail your progress as well as your further learning needs. This ends one learning cycle. At the same time we send you the materials for the following learning cycle – if you wish so.

Our German Grammar materials are designed to meet the typical learning styles of business executives and other people in leading positions.

Please click here if you want to arrange a free Grammar Cycle.

German Vocabulary

Our innovative and highly efficient concept for a systematic and target-group oriented development of your German Vocabulary rests on two pillars:
Our „Words of the Day“ represent the qualitative component. They help you to not only learn the most important words in an isolated way, but also in their semantic and grammatical context. This increases the learning effect.

Our ‚study sets‘ on www.quizlet.com form the second pillar. They represent the quantitative component. They enable you to build up your German Vocabulary quickly and systematically. By subscribing to one of our ‘Words of the Day’ versions, you have free access to our ‘study sets’ on www.quizlet.com.


You can choose between these four types of our German Vocabulary Training:

  • General German for Beginners
  • General German for Advanced Learners
  • Business German
  • Scientific German

High learning effect and relatively low learning effort – that’s the idea.

For further information concerning S&W’s German Vocabulary Training

please click here for a free test subscription of our German Vocabulary Training