S&W Research

You may have noticed by now: S&W Training is not just another language school. S&W Training is different. For example, we do what most of our competitors don’t do: We spend a lot of time and money for linguistic research. We don’t do that just for fun but because we want to make sure that our methods and materials are really up-to-date.

So when you book an Intensive German Language Course at S&W Training you can be sure that you can make profit from the results of our investment. The results of our linguistic research enable us to increase the efficiency and the relevance of our German Language Courses significantly. This applies to our Intensive Courses in General German as well as to our Special German Language Courses in Business German, Scientific German, and German for Lawyers.

Our Online Training Modules like our Video Training German, online German Vocabulary Training and our online Grammar Training German are, of course, based on the results of this linguistic research.

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