Top Executive German Language Training:

German in Germany for Top Executives and Top Scientists

This  is the flagship in our German language programme.

Top Executive German Language Coaching combines the well-known high standards of ‘Executive German Language Training’ with a large variety of extras for those clients who have especially high expectations. In addition to a first-class German language course they expect perfect service – and the S&W Team does everything in its power to achieve this level of perfection. Those who are used to VIP treatment – with competence and with a smile – will not be disappointed by Top Executive Training German Language Coaching.

Our Target Group

We take pride in being the first choice for clients in senior positions: business executives, scientists, diplomats, …

After having worked with so many high-ranking clients for so many years, we can now offer you the opportunity to profit from our vast experience. In other words: High expectations meet high competence and high experience.

Our offer

You let us know when, where, and for how long you wish to take your Top Executive intensive German language training, and which are your objectives. With our professional competence, we’ll then plan your German language coaching according to your inputs. The mix of General German, Business German , and / or Scientific German is up to you. Only our best and most experienced instructors will work with you in order to achieve your objectives. We offer you the best possible and most focused progress in your German language skills, and at the same time a very positive and relaxed learning environment.

Your Choice

We believe that on this level face-to-face coaching is superior to virtual training. However, we are passionately client-oriented and flexible. It’s your schedule which matters. You can choose between face-to-face intensive courses, online modules, and a combination of both.

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